Does CoolSculpting ELITE Near Boca Raton Really Work for Love Handles?

Does CoolSculpting ELITE Near Boca Raton Really Work for Love Handles?

Although they’re known as love handles, you probably don’t actually love those rolls around your waist that stubbornly resist your diet and exercise efforts. Men and women are choosing to sculpt their stubborn fat away with effective yet non-invasive treatments like CoolSculpting Elite near Boca Raton. Does it really work? Here’s what to consider.

What Is CoolSculpting ELITE Near Boca Raton, and How Does It Trim My Love Handles?

Using cryolipolysis technology, fat cells are effectively destroyed by freezing. During CoolSculpting ELITE treatment, the fat cells in your love handles are targeted with freezing temperatures. Over the following weeks, your body will metabolize the dead cells, resulting in a more sculpted shape. 

How Long Does Treatment Last?

Treatment is often done during a lunch hour. It’s easy to fit into your busy schedule, because it typically takes less than 60 minutes and afterwards you can resume your regular activities. CoolSculpting ELITE near Boca Raton requires no downtime or recovery time! Unlike traditional surgical options, you’ll be able to lie back and relax during treatment, and there is no pain. 

How Many Treatments Do I Need and How Long Do Results Last?

The number of treatments to slim your love handles is highly individual. It depends on your goals and the size of the area. The good news is that results are permanent because the fat cells are destroyed and can’t return. However, you’ll need to continue a healthy diet and exercise routine to maintain your new look.

You Can Combine Use ELITE on Multiple Areas!

CoolSculpting ELITE is a great solution for many other areas of the body too. Treat your abdomen, chin,  thighs, upper arms, bra rolls, and more! During your session, consider treating multiple areas. Talk to your cosmetic specialist to find out more!

Freeze Your Fat Away Today With CoolSculpting ELITE Near Boca Raton!

Find out if CoolSculpting ELITE is right for you by speaking with our cosmetic specialists at Dash Medical Spa. We offer complimentary consultations, so you can learn more and get your questions answered. 

Contact us today at 561-499-5959. We offer a variety of cosmetic treatments to help you achieve the results you desire!


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