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Sculptra is an injectable poly-L-lactic acid that works as a bio-stimulator, which means it stimulates your body to build collagen. Sculptra is different from other dermal fillers because it works on the underlying cause of aging, loss of collagen. For optimal results, a series of treatments is recommended 4 – 6 weeks apart and then maintenance treatments yearly.


Patients 30 and older would benefit from prevention of collagen loss and rebuilding collagen in the face, neck, and upper chest. Sculptra can also be used for patients 18 and older who are looking to enhance their buttocks, either increasing size, improving skin texture, or both.


Collagen is a protein in the body that plays an important role in skin, cartilage, bones, and connective tissue. >It is responsible for skin elasticity, and loss of collagen is one of the main causes of aging.

With age, our skin begins to lose its natural elasticity and collagen production slows down. As a result, we start to see wrinkles, sagging, and a loss of radiance. Sculptra is a injectable filler that helps to replenish lost collagen, giving the skin a more youthful appearance.

We start losing collagen very slowly in our late teens and early 20s. By 40 years old, we have lost approximately 25% of our collagen. This is why for most people wrinkles become more noticeable in our 40s. Patients in their 40s – 60s are most commonly getting Scuptra treatments. However, most people prefer prevention and maintenance over trying to fix a problem. This is why the optimal time to start preserving collagen in our faces is in our 30s.


What should I expect during my Sculptra consultation?

During your consultation, we will assess your individual needs and determine if you are a candidate for this treatment. We will then recommend a treatment plan that is right for you. We will answer any questions you have about the procedure and help you to understand what to expect during and after treatment.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

For 5 days prior to your appointment, avoid blood thinners, aspirin, and ibuprofen. For 48 hours prior to your appointment, avoid alcohol. Come to your appointment with clean skin and no makeup.

What are the aftercare instructions?

After your Sculptra treatment, massage is very important to have the optimal result. We use the 5-5-5 rule. You will massage your face for 5 minutes at a time, 5 times a day, for 5 days. We will teach you how to do the massage during your appointment.any questions you have about the procedure and help you to understand what to expect during and after treatment.


What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is a biostimulatory filler that is a PLLA which is poly-L-lactic acid. So it works to stimulate your own collagen. It’s long-lasting, lasting at least 25 months. It’s very low maintenance, with very little downtime.

What areas can we treat with Sculptra?

So where can Sculptra be injected? We can put it in the temples, we can put it in the cheeks, as well as the lower cheeks. We treat the nasolabial folds, also known as smile lines. We can treat the marionette lines, as well as the sides of the chin. We can also inject Sculptra in the neck, the upper chest, as well as the buttocks.

How many treatments of Sculptra will I need?

Most patients are going to need between one to two vials. And then a month later return and receive another one to two vials. Then patients can return for a vial once a year as long as they want to maintain their results. This will be discussed during your comprehensive consultation and we will be able to let you know the total amount of vials that you will need.

What should I do after
my Sculptra treatment?

After your Sculptra treatment, it is important to massage your face. So during your treatment will teach you how to do a very particular massage to help reduce the chance of getting any little hard bumps. So for five days, five times a day, five minutes at a time we’re going to have you massage the area(s) where the Sculptra was injected.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for my Sculptra treatment?

So the most important thing to do to prepare for your appointment is to avoid blood thinners. For a week before your treatment, avoid Aspirin, Ibuprofen, high doses of fish oil, and vitamin E as long as it is safe to do. 48 hours prior to your appointment, we asked you to avoid having alcohol. On the day of your appointment, avoid working out. This is just going to help minimize the chance of getting a bruise. Anytime we are inserting a needle into the skin. There is always a chance of getting a bruise, but we want to minimize that as much as possible.

What is the difference between Sculptra and dermal fillers?

So typical dermal fillers you think of like Restylane and Juvéderm and Revanesse are hyaluronic acids that are injected into the skin where we can treat if there’s volume loss or wrinkles. The results are immediate, and it just adds volume to the area where we’re treating. Sculptra is a biostimulatory filler. So this will be injected into the skin for the areas we want to treat, and instead of having an immediate result, it’s going to be your own tissue stimulating the production of new collagen. The results take much longer and the results also last much longer. You are going to see a maximum result about 3 to 6 months after your last injection of Sculptra. You’ll start seeing results about a month after your first treatment. Results are going to last at least 25 months and with some of my patients, I’m seeing results much longer than that. You can continue with maintenance treatments if you want to make the results continue to last longer.


Just like it is injected in the face, Sculptra is injected below the skin on the buttocks to increase size, improve skin quality, and minimize cellulite and dimpling.

Considering Sculptra’s nature to stimulate collagen, results are gradual and will generally be seen over the course of a few months.

Results generally last around 25 months. We recommend yearly treatments so the results will continue to last long-term.

There are several factors that will deterime the cost of Sculptra. During your consultation, we will assess the number of sessions and vials you may require for the desired result. Total cost starts at $900.


Sculptra Aesthetic is an FDA-approved injectable that helps gradually replace lost collagen—the most common protein in the body that is used to form a framework to support cell and tissue—for results that can last more than two years.

Why Dash Medical Spa?

When it comes to your face, you want to make sure you are treated by someone who is extremely knowledgeable in facial anatomy and is able to deliver results in a safe and comfortable manner. Having a Facial Plastic Surgeon as our medical director enables us to be thoroughly trained in assessing and prescribing solutions based on facial symmetry, and desired outcomes.

Your Questions about AGING Answered

As we age, our skin loses collagen, resulting in lines, wrinkles, and sunken eyes and cheeks. Through proper daily skincare you can help slow the signs of aging, but it cannot stop or reverse the process. Although you may not be able to effectively treat wrinkles yourself, Sculptra® treatments offered at Dash Medical Spa Delray Beach can reduce the signs of aging and restore your skin’s youthful glow.

The visible effects of facial aging are the progressive changes you see when you look in the mirror, including a loss of elasticity, wrinkles and thinning skin.

Facial aging usually begins as early as your late teens. Wrinkles and changes in pigmentation may also start to appear, becoming more pronounced with age. Of course, changes vary from person to person.

Facial aging is caused by both internal and external factors. Internal (or chronological) factors happen over time and are caused by genetics. External (or environmental) factors are things in the world around you, including sun exposure, smoking, facial expressions and sleep position. All of these factors can contribute to changes in the skin, as well as changes in facial bones.

Collagen is a key structural component under the skin that provides volume and helps keep skin looking youthful. Over time, our bodies make less collagen and our skin loses its elasticity and volume. This, along with environmental factors like sun exposure, leads to the appearance of wrinkles, lines and folds.


Sculptra Aesthetic is used to correct shallow to deep wrinkles and folds on the face. Administered with the appropriate injection technique from a trained specialist, Sculptra Aesthetic is clinically approved for:

  • Deep folds between the nose and mouth (nasolabial folds), also called “smile lines”

  • Lines framing the mouth (marionette lines)

  • Chin wrinkles

Our doctor is a Facial Plastic Surgeon with some of the most advanced training on facial anatomy in all of medicine. Her vast knowledge and experience enables her to see facial aesthetics in a whole different dimension. Our Physician Assistant has worked many years in a busy dermatology clinic and has undergone extensive training as an Aesthetic Injector. She specializes solely on dermal fillers and has performed countless number of treatments. 

Even though we are located in downtown Delray Beach, our clinic is secluded and discreet to ensure privacy and comfort.


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