Visia Skin Analysis: The Best Way To Understand Your Own Skin

Visia Skin Analysis

Many people have heard about all sorts of skincare treatments that will help them look younger and treat skin blemishes. However, clients often ask several questions about the technology and concept behind those treatments. That is understandable since they don’t know which treatments they should choose that are ideal for their condition, which is why to help them out, we offer Visia Skin Analysis

Skin Analysis

Both the client and the provider need to know what treatment they need to use best suited for your current skin condition. For the most part, your provider is an expert enough to determine the ideal treatment for your skin condition just by taking a close look at the skin’s surface. However, sometimes, they can’t be sure what’s the best approach to take. 

Not to say they lack skills, but they just require more precise analysis, a better picture of you will. The better the analysis of your skin type, condition, and health, the better they can approach and the better they can administer the treatment. 

Good skin analysis makes the job easier for your provider, and you can also benefit from the analysis by experiencing a treatment that’s perfect for your skin’s current state. That’s why some clinics use Visia Skin Analysis machines to do just that. 

What Is Visia Skin Analysis?

Visia Skin Analysis is a new skincare analysis tool that provides information about your skin condition and what type of products to use for your specific needs. 

It’s an advanced digital imaging system, and it evaluates the skin inside and out. The design is so cutting-edge that it can look into your skin on surface levels and subsurface depths. Think of it as a high-tech photo camera that straightforwardly provides a detailed and objective analysis of your skin. 

The software analyzes your skin’s color, texture, and tone to provide relevant treatment recommendations. It also allows users to track their progress over time to make informed decisions about how they want their skin to look in the future.

How Does It Work?

Visia Skin Analysis uses two main methods for analyzing your skin in detail—scanning and photo-imaging. The scanner and photo-imaging will work in tandem to achieve the ideal surface and subsurface skin layer’s resolution. 

The scanner and the photo-imaging system take pictures from different angles and then analyze them using AI algorithms to find critical information like wrinkles, age spots, hyperpigmentation, etc. The software then provides you with an overall score for your skin condition and recommendations on how you can improve it over time.


The AI algorithms also index your skin condition among your peer group, which is to say, people who have or had the same condition as you and age. This helps the provider look at previous records and check the various outcomes of comparable treatments. It’s essentially a catalog of prior clients and progress, and even if they have no prior experience, the AI algorithms can recommend an ideal treatment. 

Equipped with the knowledge and understanding, they can better make a program specifically for your needs. Through that same system, they can also track the progress of your treatment outcomes. 

What Happens During The Appointment?

The Visia Skin Analysis is an in-office service that takes several. It starts with an initial consultation with your dermatologist, who will perform a physical examination of your skin, review your medical history, and collect any additional information you may have about your condition or how it developed.

After the consultation, the patient will be asked to sit in front of a light source that will shine on their face. The Visia Skin Analysis device detects the color and intensity of light reflected from different parts of your face, accurately determining your current skin condition. 

The Visia device will capture your face’s left, center, and right views, giving the system a comprehensive, complete picture. After a short few minutes, you will soon see the different photo-imaging scans of your face on a screen. The first set of data on your skin will be the baseline of your treatment. 

You will experience another series of scans again as you progress through your treatment. You will be able to get a complete picture of your own before and after progress scans, clearly seeing how the treatment plan is helping you improve your skin. 

Expected Results From The Analysis

Think of the Visia Skin Analysis as something similar to an X-ray scan. You can see the scan results from different angles and layers, just like an X-ray. However, this is not an X-ray machine; instead, it uses photo-imaging. 

Here is what are the results you can expect from the Visia Skin Analysis device:

  • Visualization of skin peculiarities
  • Visualizing the extent of UV damage not seen through the naked eye
  • Identifies wrinkles and fine lines
  • Determines real skin age relative to your actual age (premature aging)
  • Significant comparisons of skin changes when progressing through the treatment plan
  • identifies red and brown spots
  • Identifies porphyrins—bacterias and oil that can lead to acne breakout
  • Analysis of your skin texture

Understands Your Skin Inside And Out

Visia Skin Analysis is the best assistant tool your skincare provider could have. The device takes into account the changes in your skin over time and analyzes what is going on with it.

Visia Skin Analysis can identify how well your skin is responding to specific skincare products and how much improvement you are likely to see from using them. It also identifies other conditions or issues that may be causing breakouts or other problems for you.

This AI-powered tool can help providers offer the best skin care solution for their patients by ensuring they are not wasting time on treatments that won’t work for their particular needs.


Through the Visia Skin Analysis device, your provider can offer the best possible skincare plan and treatment suited to your needs. So when the ideal treatment is applied, you will experience the best results you could ever have. So if you are interested in knowing the best treatment for your needs, be sure to contact our clinic, Dash Medical Spa. We offer this device and other non-surgical and surgical that may be the recommended treatment for your needs. 


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