Top 10 Benefits of IPL Photofacial in Delray Beach

IPL Photofacial Treatment in Delray Beach by Dash Medical Spa

We have all been in a situation where we have tried out a product and found that it did not do what we expected. Or perhaps the product you are currently using is not enough to remove skin blemishes when it was supposed to. When all of that fails, maybe it’s time for you to try our skin resurfacing treatments, specifically, IPL Photofacial in Delray beach in our clinic. 

IPL is one of the new treatments we currently employ in one of our branches in Delray beach. However, we won’t just offer you this treatment without giving you some info first. We want you to know all about our treatment and how it can potentially help you. 

With that said, here are 10 benefits of IPL in Delray Beach. 

1.) IPL Photofacial Treatment Is Quick And Easy

IPL is a procedure where the skin is treated with a high-intensity light, as the name suggests, Intense Pulsed Light. The treatment is done in an inpatient setting, but it will be a quick in-and-out appointment. 

The procedure involves using an IPL machine with several LED lights aimed at the skin. The light energy is absorbed by the skin and converted into heat, causing the body to reach and start its healing properties. 

No unnecessary tool will be used to pierce the skin, and just simple, focused light will contact your skin. That’s why it’s a completely non-invasive method, making it so quick and easy to do. 

2.) Fixes Sun-Damaged Skin

Most of us don’t have a problem with not wearing sunscreen, and while you may personally not have issues with it, your skin will. 

Most of the changes in skin conditions we associate with getting older directly result from sun exposure. 

Too much sun exposure can break down collagen within the skin, making us susceptible to loose skin, fine lines, age spots, and sagging. Likewise, the skin’s pigmentation also becomes uneven. The UV light from the sun also reduces elastin, losing hydration, making it crusty. 

A UV light destroys the DNA fabrics in our skin, leading to premature aging. This does not occur overnight but through a lifetime of spending too much time outdoors without sun protection. 

Fortunately, you can significantly reduce the effects of these damages by trying out IPL treatment. It helps the skin reverse the damages by increasing the collagen stores once again. 

3.) Prevent Premature Aging

It’s not just sun exposure that causes premature aging; and there are several factors too. Smoking, environmental factors, and genes can all lead to premature aging. 

You can avoid or even delay premature aging, or just aging in general, by trying out IPL treatment. 

IPL works by heating the skin, causing superficial damage underneath. The thing is, they are not really damages, more like micro-injuries. The body thinks it’s a wound, but they are actually just minor superficial wounds. 

The skin then attempts to repair itself and, by doing so, allows for new growth and reinforces the old structure with new cells. Although we cause damage, we make room for new ones, preventing premature aging. 

4.) IPL Treatment Can Fix Acne

IPL treatment can help tackle the effects of acne by killing the bacteria that causes acne breakouts. With just a few sessions, IPL can kill most bacteria, if not all. On top of that, it also promotes the healing of acne scars. 

However, don’t expect any instant results. It will take time before the acne fully subsides, and your skin fully heals.

5.) IPL Can Help Remove Bulging Veins And Capillaries

The reason why your veins and capillaries are bulging is due to build-up. So when we target that build-up of blood with IPL, it will heat up and then increase the blood flow. Also, the veins and capillaries increase in size during the heat up. 

Now that the build-up is cleared, the walls of the veins and capillaries will start to shrink. The treatment allows for gradually increasing the intensity of light therapy at regular intervals until symptoms improve.

6.) IPL Treats Stretchmarks

Stretch marks are a common problem that you may see on your skin. They are caused by repeated stretching of the skin. Stretch marks can be pretty discouraging, making you look old.

Stretch marks can be treated with IPL. It works by targeting the collagen in the dermis and treating it with high-intensity light to reduce stretch marks and decrease appearance. The collagen is restructured underneath, so now the upper layers have an even texture. 

7.) IPL Can Be Used In Any Body Part

The tool for the treatment is a sci-fi-looking handgun that shoots out the IPL light. Due to its simplicity of handling, your provider can pretty much use the tool and reach any part of the body. 

Whatever spot needs fixing, the IPL tool can surely reach it. All you have to do is point out what areas need improvements. When you seek consultation when you visit our clinic, we will let you know if fixing a particular area is applicable or not. 

8.) IPL Treatment Can Do Hair Removal

When the settings are adjusted, IPL can also be used for hair removal. It does so by applying gentle pulses of light toward the hair roots. This will drive the hair to go into its resting phase and eventually falls off. 

The hair won’t grow back for quite a while. You can forget about shaving or waxing your hair to keep hairs down. IPL can do that more conveniently with more lasting results. 

9.) IPL Treatment Can Be Paired With Other Aesthetic Treatments

IPL treatment is versatile, so aestheticians can use other aesthetic treatments to combine with IPL to achieve a specific goal. For example, you can use microneedling with IPL or Botox with IPL. 

It’s up to you to choose what you need. Just tell our staff the aesthetic treatment you have in mind, and we’ll let you know if they can be used together or not here in IPL Delray Beach. 

10.) IPL Treatment Is Accessible

IPL is a medical treatment that uses light energy to treat skin diseases. In the past, it was expensive and only available in a few hospitals. However, now, it is affordable for everyone.


Take advantage of the IPL in Delray Beach right now by contacting us and reaching out to your clinic, Dash Medical Spa. We offer non-surgical treatments that can help you achieve aesthetics without too much trouble. 


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