Earlobe Surgery

Earlobe Surgery

For some of us, the earlobes might not be an area of the body given much consideration. On some people, they may be disproportionate or misshaped, after years of wearing heavy earrings for years.
Earlobe Reduction & Repair Procedures

Earlobe reduction & repair surgery is performed by our lead plastic surgeon, Dr. Chelsea Troiano. Her team will administer local anesthesia to numb the area. From there, Dr. Troiano will make incisions along the earlobe to remove excess tissue, if needed, and stitch the area back together.


For some of us, the earlobes might not be an area of the body given much consideration. On some people, they may be disproportionate or misshaped, after years of wearing heavy earrings for years. Certain piercings or body modifications, like ear gauges, can also alter or damage your earlobe.

An earlobe reduction procedure is a cosmetic surgery that works to correct these issues and repair the earlobe to deliver aesthetically pleasing and balanced results! Dr. Troiano carefully customizes all earlobe repair and reduction procedures around a patients’ individual profile to help compliment their features and ensure the results look natural.

The shape and size of our ears and earlobes can impact the overall symmetry and balance of our facial contour and profile. Sometimes, they can be what gives away our age!

Oversized earlobes can make it difficult to wear the jewelry that we once loved to wear. An earlobe reduction surgery can address this issue, whether it is due to gravity, mature age, or genetics.

For those who have deformities in their earlobe, often caused by piercing or body modifications, an earlobe repair can close up and large holes and help regain the appearance of a normal earlobe.

Dr. Troiano is dedicated to providing patients with a level of luxurious care that is refined, yet relaxed, and offers exclusivity without sacrificing comfort and eligibility. She is fellowship-trained and is eligible for double-board certification upon completing a rigorous five-year course that specializes in head and neck surgery.

Dr. Troiano’s facility in Palm Beach offers the effortless luxury of fast-paced cities like nearby Miami with the quiet and opulent environment of the Palm Beaches. We welcome patients throughout South Florida to visit our newly established private practice for procedures like earlobe reduction and repair or other facial plastic or reconstructive surgery.

Earlobe reduction and repair is a surgical procedure, so patients should expect to have some slight swelling or discomfort after their procedure. You’ll have to avoid sleeping on your sides to prevent pressure on your ears until the sutures are dissolved. This is generally a week but may vary for everyone. Following your earlobe reduction or repair surgery, patients generally find their recovery time to be minimal and can go back to work right away.

Earlobe reduction or repair surgery is performed under local anesthesia to ensure patients feel no pressure or pain during the procedure. The anesthesia injection may be mildly uncomfortable, but most patients report it feels like a pinch for a few seconds. After the surgery, patients might have some discomfort or swelling, but it often subsides with ice and some pain medication like acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

Earlobe reduction and repair surgery is a customized procedure, so the techniques and tools needed to achieve the final result may vary for each patient. During your initial consultation with Dr. Troiano, you’ll be able to discuss the procedure and what she recommends for your unique concerns. Together, you can plan the best approach and review payment and financing solutions.


Health insurance companies will often cover plastic surgery in the effect of a necessary reconstructive or restorative procedure. However, elective surgery, like cosmetic enhancements, are generally not covered by insurance.

Oversized earlobes might be a result of various things. Most commonly, it is performed on older patients who have noticed their earlobes sagging and becoming larger due to gravity, the weight of wearing earrings, or simply as a side effect of aging. This can be performed on adults of any age who are in good health and want to correct oversized or sagging earlobes.



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