Why ICON Is the Best Method for Stretch Mark Removal in Delray Beach

Stretch Mark Removal Treatment in Delray Beach by Dash Medical Spa

Those unsightly lines we call stretch marks are permanent if not treated. For years, women have tried creams, exercise, and more to no avail. Stretch marks are frustrating! If you are looking for stretch mark removal in Delray Beach, ICON for stretch marks works! Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Stretch Marks?

These reddish purple lines are actually scarring resulting from tears in the skin layers. Stretch marks show up when the skin is stretching and collagen and elastin isn’t produced effectively. They might show up during puberty, during or after pregnancy, and when you gain or lose a substantial amount of weight. And while they may fade over time, they won’t go away without very specific treatment.

What Is ICON Treatment for Stretch Mark Removal?

ICON uses a handpiece to deliver pulses of laser light to the affected areas to break down the stretch marks. Laser technology is the most effective treatment for stretch marks, because it targets the layers of scarring beneath the skin.

How Does ICON Work?

Treatment stimulates new collagen production and results in smoother skin and more even skin tones.

How Effective Is ICON?

ICON is FDA approved to treat stretch marks. The fractional laser technology improves the appearance of stretch marks by 51% to 75%. And, ICON is effective for all skin types and for all areas where stretch marks appear.

What Can I Expect From Treatment?

Treatment requires no downtime, so you can resume regular activity. During treatment sessions, you can relax, and there is usually only minimal discomfort. Best results appear after multiple treatment sessions and over several months as the skin generates new collagen and breaks down scars.

Where Can I Find ICON for Stretch Mark Removal in Delray Beach?

The aestheticians at Dash Medical Spa offer ICON treatment in a clean, comfortable spa environment. If you dream of smoother skin with improved skin tones, ICON might be right for you. Talk to our professionals today to find out more and schedule a free consultation. Contact us at 561-409-5959.


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