Can a Med Spa in Delray Beach Help Restore My Hair?

Med Spa in Delray Beach by Dash Medical Spa

Losing your hair is tough. As strand after strand fades away, it is a reminder that your youth is fading. And that constant reminder can make things feel out of control, which is no fun. Feeling this way is nothing to be ashamed of, and lucky for you, there are many effective options for restoring hair growth. So, can a med spa in Delray Beach help put an end to the hair loss?

How Can Hair Be Restored?

There are both surgical and non-surgical ways of restoring hair. You may choose one type over the other depending on your personal comfort, the exact needs of your hair, and other factors, such as the causes behind your hair loss. You should always discuss which options are best with your doctor. 

Some surgical options include NeoGraft Hair Restoration, manual FUE procedures, ARTAS iX Robotic Hair Restoration, and direct graft implantation technique. ARTAS iX is one of the newest permanent hair options.

NeoGraft hair transplantation is a permanent, minimally invasive procedure that requires no scalpel incision. The Manual FUE procedure has been around for a while, but it’s still a fantastic and precise option. The Direct Graft Implantation Technique is similar to FUE Hair Implantation, but it involves a slightly more advanced way of implanting grafts. 

Non-surgical options include scalp micropigmentation, Regenera Activa procedure, Capillus laser therapy, and medication for DHT with hair boost. Scalp micropigmentation focuses on improving the appearance of the volume of your hair without surgery. 

Regenera Activa is a great, fast procedure that uses your own hair cells to rejuvenate your hairline. Capillus laser therapy uses low-level lasers to initiate new hair growth. Medications that can be used to treat hair loss include DHT blockers as either an oral or topical medication.

Where Can I Find the Best Med Spa in Delray Beach?

Dash Medical Spa is a great med spa in Delray Beach offering a variety of fantastic options to remedy your hair loss. If you are ready to return youth to your scalp, you should make an appointment with us to meet with our experts. To schedule a consultation for hair rejuvenation, call us at 561-409-5959 today, and be on your way to a fuller, thicker head of hair with scalp micropigmentation or other non-surgical treatments!


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