Top 7 Reasons to Try Dermaplaning in Delray Beach

Dermaplaning Treatment in Delray Beach by Dash Medical Spa

If you haven’t tried dermaplaning yet, it’s an amazing exfoliation technique that is effective and FDA approved. Try dermaplaning for smoother skin and more even skin tones. In addition to looking your best, here are the top 7 reasons to try dermaplaning in Delray Beach.

1. You Get Instant and Gorgeous Results

The fine razor tool gently scrapes away fuzz, dead skin, and debris for a highly effective exfoliation. You’ll notice sleeker, healthier skin, and a better complexion. 

2. Dermaplaning in Delray Beach Is Effective on Acne Scars and Age Spots

For those with acne scars and age spots, dermaplaning is often more effective than other exfoliation techniques. The process reduces the appearance of scars and dark spots while smoother skin allows makeup to go on more easily and provide better coverage.

3. No Downtime Is Required, and It’s Gentle

After your dermaplaning treatment, you can go right back to your regular daily activities. You’ll relax while your cosmetic specialist provides treatment that is gentle and pain-free. 

4. You Can Combine Dermaplaning With Other Skin Treatments

Dermaplaning can be combined with other skin treatments for more dramatic results. It pairs well with a chemical peel, allowing for deeper treatment and more amazing results. Dermaplaning in Delray Beach also goes great with a facial.

5. It Helps You Get More From Your Makeup and Skincare Products

After dermaplaning, your skin more readily absorbs your skincare products, giving you their full benefits. With the dead skin and fuzz removed, makeup goes on easily for a flawless look. If you’ve got an event coming up, and you’re getting makeup done professionally, dermaplaning gives the makeup artist a smooth canvas.

6. Dermaplaning Improves the Appearance of Lines and Wrinkles

You’ll enjoy younger looking skin. Dermaplaning improves fine lines and wrinkles and stimulates collagen production, which is important for youthful skin.

7. It’s Fast

Dermaplaning takes less than a half hour ,so you can get a treatment even if you’ve got a tight schedule. Many people book appointments during their lunch break and return to work right after.

Schedule Your Dermaplaning in Delray Beach With Our Skincare Professionals Today!

If you’re ready to look your best for a special event coming up or just for an everyday glow, it’s the perfect time to try dermaplaning. To find out more, talk to the cosmetic specialists at Dash Medical Spa during a complimentary consultation. Call today at 561-409-5959 to book, and be sure to ask about current skincare specials!


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