How to Approach the Aging Process?

Agine process in Delray Beach by Dash Medical Spa

Understand What is Happening:

Our skin changes with age. As our skin ages, the turn-over of our skin cells decrease resulting in dull skin with increasing sunspots and age spots. In addition, collagen and elastin production also slows down resulting in thin skin that begins to wrinkle.

Take a Holistic Approach

When it comes to aging, some people tend to think about what medicines or treatments could stop it or slow it down. We, at Dash Medical Spa, look at aging on a cellular level and encourage you to set realistic goals for health and wellness and let us focus on rejuvenating your youth.

Consider a Skin Analysis

A successful anti-aging treatment program begins with a detailed skin analysis. Dash Medical Spa has a VISIA which will test your skin in different light conditions, including UV light will identify the areas of sun damage and greatest degree of collagen and elastin loss.

Explore your Options

There are various options available to treat and improve the appearance of the aging skin, but It’s important to be realistic. After your skin analysis, you and the provider can weigh out the options on what is bothering you the most, whether it is a loss of volume, brown spots or maybe the start of wrinkles. From there, you can decide which options are right for you and your medical aesthetic goals.

Choose a Medical Spa That Benefits YOU

It is important to choose a practice that feels safe, clean, qualified and comfortable — This if your body after all. It is important that the staff is familiar with this process and has the dedication to work with each and every one of their clients. Find somewhere that allows you to express your concerns and helps you to stay youthful.


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