5 Frequently Asked Questions About Chemical Peels in Delray Beach

Chemical Peels in Delray Beach by Dash Medical Spa

For faces that need a boost to look their best, a chemical peel does the trick to deeply exfoliate for smoother, younger looking skin. If you’ve never experienced a chemical peel, you’ve probably got questions. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about chemical peels in Delray Beach.

1. What Is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a deep exfoliation technique. Best left to the experts, a solution is applied to the treatment areas to remove damaged, dead skin surfaces. New skin is revealed and is smoother and brighter giving you the youthful appearance you desire.

2. What Issues Do Chemical Peels in Delray Beach Treat?

If you’ve got uneven skin tone, acne scars, age spots, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, rough skin, and fine lines or wrinkles, a chemical peel helps. By removing the damaged layers and debris, new skin is revealed and collagen is boosted. You’ll notice a difference in more even skin tone and a smoother surface to the area treated.

3. What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated?

The most popular treatment areas are the face and neck, but a chemical peel in Delray Beach works its magic on the chest and hands as well to even the skin tones and smooth the skin.

4. Are Chemical Peels Good for Acne?

Because they remove excess oil and debris from the damaged layers of skin, they are great for those prone to acne. However, it is probably best to wait until after a breakout to get a chemical peel. Talk to your skin care specialist about your skin to choose the best time and peel for your skin issues.

5. Do the Effects Last?

Taking great care of your skin helps the effects of the chemical peel last. Things like avoiding the sun’s damaging UV rays and following the skin care regimen recommended by your skin care expert are key to keeping your skin smooth and healthy. 

Are You Ready For Younger, Brighter Skin With Chemical Peels in Delray Beach?

Talk to our skin care specialists at Dash Medical Spa about your unique skin and skin issues today to find out more about chemical peels in Delray Beach. At Dash Medical Spa, we tailor each treatment to suit your needs, so you’ll enjoy beautiful results. Call us today to make an appointment at 561-409-5959!


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