Before, During, and After: What to Know About CoolSculpting in Boca Raton

CoolSculpting Technique in Delray Beach by Dash Medical Spa

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary non-surgical body sculpting technique utilizing cryolipolysis. This is the science of freezing fat cells to destroy them. This procedure is helpful for stubborn fat tissue that refuses to respond to dieting and exercise. So, you may wonder what to expect from CoolSculpting in Boca Raton. Here’s the scoop!

Before Your CoolSculpting Procedure

Before any procedure, we like to have a consultation to make sure CoolSculpting is the right treatment for you. During the consultation, we discuss the safety of the procedure, cost, steps of the procedure, what to expect afterward, and any other information you might like to know. Because of the nature of the procedure, we do encourage patients to consult with their doctor before pursuing it.

During Your CoolSculpting in Boca Raton Procedure

It typically takes less than an area for treatment. First, we apply a gel pad and applicator to the target area. The applicator cools the fat cells. Next, our provider moves a handheld device over the area. This applies cooling technology as well as suction to destroy fat cells in the area. Immediately following this, our providers massage the area to break up any deep tissue cells that froze during the procedure.

It is normal to feel some pinching, pulling, and minor pain during this procedure. That said, the FDA approved CoolSculpting in 2012. It is very safe.

After Your CoolSculpting Procedure

You can return to normal activities right after CoolSculpting! There’s no downtime afterward. You may experience minor side effects such as bruising, itching, redness, and / or soreness around the treated area, but these are temporary and go away quickly on their own.

You won’t see results right away. Be patient, as it takes time for fat cells to be eliminated naturally from your body. Be sure to stay hydrated to help this process. You’ll likely start to notice small changes within a few weeks and final results within about six months.

How to Get Amazing Results From CoolSculpting in Boca Raton? Make This Call!

Contact our skilled providers here at Dash Medical Spa today at 561-409-5959 to book your consultation to learn more about this remarkable treatment! Isn’t it time you loved your reflection again? Now you can, with CoolSculpting in Boca Raton!

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