What’s the Best Laser Hair Removal in Delray Beach Method?

Laser Hair Removal in Delray Beach by Dash Medical Spa

If you’re tired of painful waxing and itchy shaving, you’ll love laser hair removal (LHR)! You’ll get the lasting smooth skin you desire and say goodbye to time consuming waxing and shaving. What’s the best laser hair removal in Delray Beach? You want ICON for light-based hair removal.

How Does ICON Laser Hair Removal Work?

ICON uses pulses of light energy to target unwanted hair follicles and destroy them, so hair won’t grow back. ICON is one of the most effective laser hair removal treatments available and treatment sessions are short and effective lasting just minutes for smaller areas and up to 30 minutes for larger areas.

Over time, you’ll notice a drastic reduction in hair growth in treated areas. How many treatments you’ll need is highly individual and dependent on factors like thickness of the hair and the area being treated. Talk to a hair removal specialist  to learn more.

Why Is Laser Hair Removal in Delray Beach So Popular?

Because it’s fast and effective, people love laser hair removal. And with no downtime, you can even schedule treatments on your lunch hour. 

Where Does ICON Remove Hair?

Wherever you’ve got unwanted hair, you’ll love the effective and lasting results ICON provides. Treat areas like the face, underarms, arms, legs, back, chest, bikini area, and more! Enjoy reduction in hair and smoother skin.

What Is Treatment Like?

During your short treatment visits for laser hair removal, you can relax while your unwanted hair is targeted. Most patients find treatment to be pain free and you can resume your normal activities immediately. So there’s no downtime!

Book ICON Laser Hair Removal in Delray Beach Now to Get Smoother Skin in Time for Summer Vacations!

Let the cosmetic experts at Dash Medical Spa help you enjoy the best laser hair removal in Delray Beach today. Our medical team has the experience you need to get the smooth results you’re looking for – and just in time for swimsuit season. To learn more, schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our skilled laser providers today by calling 561-409-5959!


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