Does Laser Hair Removal in Boynton Beach Work for Dark Skin?

Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Delray Beach, by Dash Medical Spa

Laser hair removal¬†can be a great way to remove pesky hairs. It is less painful than waxing and less time-consuming than shaving. But for a long time, laser hair removal (LHR) was known to be incompatible with darker skin. With recent technological advancements, it is now possible to get laser hair removal in Boynton Beach […]

What to Consider Before Selecting a Laser Hair Removal Clinic Delray Beach

Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Delray Beach by Dash Medical Spa

Laser hair removal is a much more cost-effective and painless way to remove unwanted body hair than waxing or shaving. However, the quality of laser hair removal clinics vary greatly and there are many things you should consider before selecting one in the Delray Beach area.  1. What type of laser hair removal is best […]

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