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CoolSculpting Elite

At Dash Medical Spa we always offer the latest technology making us exclusive owners of the newest CoolSculpting machine, the CoolSculpting Elite. It is a no-brainer now with dual applicators that target, freeze and eliminate treated fat cells that results in 30% more effectiveness in acceptable tissue contact compared to older generations. They have perfected the shape of the applicator to be a C shape rather than a U shape which allows it to cover a greater area. It also has a channel of vacuums versus one, it allows the fat pocket to be pulled into the applicator more efficiently. The other beauty of the dual applicators is to work on two areas at once which means up to half the time for desired results!

CoolSculpting is the first FDA-cleared treatment to eliminate stubborn fat in 9 different areas of the body. A better understanding is to describe the two parts; It uses a vacuum and a freezer. The vacuum will grab a problem area and hold onto it with extreme cold that will cause irritation to freeze off fat cells permanently. This noninvasive process naturally eliminates up to 20-25% of treated fat cells over a 1-3 month period.

We all carry a certain amount of body fat cells that either expand with weight gain or shrink with fat loss. Even with incorporating proper diet and exercise, many of us struggle with stubborn fat. The difference with CoolSculpting, it freezes and destroys fat cells permanently. This is not a weight-loss method, it is toning and contouring the body by reducing fat cells. Maintaining proper diet and exercise are ongoing relevant factors.

The price of CoolSculpting Elite is dependent upon the treatment area and the number of treatments needed. Packages of two cycles on small areas start at $1600. The final cost can only be accurately determined after an in-person consultation.

Financing is available and we do offer incredible incentives for our clients traveling from out of town. Call us today at (561) 448-6800 to schedule your consultation.

CoolSculpting Elite results in last indefinitely. Once the fat cells are killed off, they do not come back. However, it does not prevent one from gaining weight. The treated fat cells are killed off but the remaining fat cells in your body may expand based on poor diet and lack of exercise.
Eat a good full meal, come hydrated, in loose comfy clothes and let us take care of you with snacks and beverages with your favorite show on Netflix.

It is recommended that you wait 3 to 6 months if you intend to breastfeed and wait for your hormones to return to normal levels. 

If you have had a c-section and are planning to treat your abdomen, you should wait 3 to 6 months for the scar to heal and the feeling around the scar to return.

During the procedure you may experience sensations of pulling, tugging, mild pinching, intense cold, tingling, stinging, aching, and cramping at the treatment site. These sensations alleviate as the area becomes numb in the first five minutes of the treatment. Following the procedure, the treated area may be a little tender to the touch. Typical side effects include temporary redness, swelling, blanching, bruising, firmness, tingling, stinging, tenderness, cramping, aching, itching, or skin sensitivity.

When choosing between liposuction and CoolSculpting Elite, you have to take your treatment goals into consideration. CoolSculpting Elite is the more natural and noninvasive choice for patients who are looking to remove stubborn fat that exercise and dieting can’t seem to accomplish. However, patients who are looking to remove an excessive amount of fat and desire a more dramatic change with rapid results, CoolSculpting may not be the right treatment. CoolSculpting Elite is a permanent nonsurgical procedure with long term satisfaction, especially if weight fluctuates later in life. No lumps or bumps for all natural results.

Here at Dash Medical Spa we value transparency with our products and services giving you as much  information as possible for your discretion. Let’s talk about some issues that may occur with CoolSculpting Elite.

First, let’s talk about the misconception of what many think is a form of treatment for weight loss. This is not a weight loss method, it is toning and contouring of the body by reducing fat cells. When considering CoolSculpting Elite, it will not help with visceral fat which is in the intra abdominal tissue of your stomach that is only reduced with exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. 

  • CoolSculpting does not treat aesthetic considerations such as skin laxity, cellulite, stretch marks.
  • When assessing the face, as fat volume is removed, the appearance of the jawline may become more apparent.
  • Most patients will experience minimum to mild discomfort and in rare cases moderate to severe.

No. You may not be considered a good candidate if you suffer from:

  • Cryoglobulinemia: a form of Vasculitis—a family of rare disorders characterized by inflammation of the blood vessels, which can restrict blood flow and damage vital organs and tissues.
  • Paroxysmal Cold Hemoglobinuria or Cold Agglutinin disease caused by premature destruction of healthy red blood cells by autoantibodies.
  • Neuropathic disorders such as post-herpetic neuralgia or diabetic neuropathy.
  • Bleeding disorders or regular use of blood thinners.
  • Skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, or rashes in the area to be treated, recent surgery or scar tissue in the area to be treated.
  • Hernia in or adjacent to the treatment site, (even if the hernia is repaired, it is not recommended to Coolsculpt on the area) Treatment over the hernia may exacerbate the hernia or cause new hernia formation.
  • Not for women with diastasis rectus, a separation of the left and right sides of the outermost abdominal muscle. Seen most common in women who have had multiple pregnancies or weightlifters.

It is not recommended for clients who are pregnant, anyone with known sensitivity, allergy to fructose, glycerin, isopropyl alcohol, or propylene glycol. 

Patients with chronic pain, sensitivity to cold, anxiety disorder may be more prone to pain or discomfort during treatment

Do not use CoolSculpting elite:

  • on areas with a subcutaneous fat layer thickness of < 1 cm 
  • -on areas of decreased sensation or perfusion 
  • -on areas with minimal underlying muscle mass on areas with superficially coated nerve branches arteries or veins
  • -on the face, head, genitalia, inguinal creases, axille popliteal fossae, antecubital fossa, hands, or feet
  • Vasovagal occurs when your body overreacts to certain triggers, such as the sight of blood or extreme emotional distress. Symptoms include dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, flushing, sweating, fainting.
  • Late onset pain may occur, on average 3 to 4 days after treatment. The symptoms are self-limiting and resolve completely within approximately 2 weeks. It is self limiting and resolves completely without long term sequelae. The pain can be described as deep pain, stabbing, shooting, burning sensations, hypersensitivity, and severe pins and needles.
  • First and second degree burn may occur during treatment. It typically resolves with proper care.
  • Subcutaneous induration presents as a generalized hardness and or discrete nodules within the treatment area. It may present with pain and/or discomfort
  • Hyperpigmentation can occur after treatment and typically resolves spontaneously.
  • Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia presents as visibly enlarged tissue volume within the treatment area. May develop two to five months after treatment. At this time, there is no evidence of spontaneous resolution of PAH.

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